Puking Robot Is My Favorite Robot

Sometimes something comes into your life — let’s say, a video of a robot puking — and your first thought it, “Gross, no thank you. I am not even going to watch it.” And then your second thought it, “Eh, actually it looks like it’s mostly just a guy talking, maybe I will watch it.” And then you get to the robot puking and somehow it is actually really enjoyable? It’s a very specific thing that sometimes happens, I’m not sure if you’ll really be able to relate to it. But maybe! Watch this video about the robot that vomits to help cure this virus and find out! From BBC News:

Commonly known as the Winter vomiting bug, [norovirus] has caused over 3000 confirmed cases of vomiting and diarrhoea since the Summer in England and Wales. For most people it leads to a mild illness and disappears in 2-3 days with no long-lasting effects.

And good old-fashioned hand-washing can help stop it spreading from person to person. But researchers have been trying to find a cure for over 40 years and it continues to evade them.


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Ahhhhhh! Yuck! So? What do you think? Is vomiting robot your favorite robot too, or do you prefer running robot? Do you think this is going to be used in the future to spread diseases rather than help find a cure for them? Is anyone else coming around to the idea of a Contagion-style robot uprising? Have I already been infected? HAVE YOU? (Via Geekologie.)