OK, Goodbye, Ricky Gervais

Remember a year and a half ago when Ricky Gervais got into some hot water for making fun of mentally disabled people and then explaining that he wasn’t making fun of mentally disabled people, he was making fun of people who believed in God? That’s pretty much what happened, I might be getting some of the details mixed up but you get the idea. (He’s an atheist! Did you know?!) And a trailer for his new show, Derek, was released months ago, but there is a new preview on-line today, and I think we can all agree that it is time to say goodbye to Ricky Gervais. Between his incessant Twitter fights with people about his garbage opinions (see above), to that photo he literally made the New York Times take of him even though they didn’t want to, to when he ruined the Golden Globes, an awards show that had previously been believed UNRUINABLE, and now this show in which he is playing a mentally disabled person even though he says he’s not playing a mentally disabled person, but only because he knows that he will get in trouble again, and also either way the real problem is that this isn’t funny (and outside of that amazing Liam Neeson clip, Life Is Short was not very good either, btw), it’s like, enough already. You know? LIFE IS SHORT AND IT IS FOR THE LIVING! We’re supposed to put up with his crap and watch whatever he poops out of his butthole? No thank you. Maybe when we have read all of the books that have ever been written, and watched every TV show, even all the old episodes of M.A.S.H. and even the one season of Models Inc. then we can watch a couple of episodes of Derek, decide that it’s terrible, and kill ourselves. Seriously, look at this shit:

Look, guys, The Office was literally a work of genius. Full stop. It’s hilarious, and also heartfelt, and it influenced lots of today’s comedy, and it made Ricky Gervais hundreds of millions of dollars. We would never try to take that away from him. And we couldn’t if we wanted to. But we don’t! He should have it! He earned it! But enough with this other stuff. It’s too much. It stinks. This stinks. He stinks. I’m not having a laugh, I really mean it. Goodbye, Ricky Gervais!