Best People Of 2012

In years past, we have put together Worst People of the Year lists to accompany our list of the Best People. Well that time is over. Here’s the thing: life is short, guys. And lord knows, it is not as if Videogum has ever shirked its duty in complaining about the poor behavior of our fellow human beings. But at a certain point you have to think to yourself, what is the point? Will it keep me from aging and eventually dying? To write this blog list of people who were mild-to-extreme jerks over the past year? Because that would be a semi-decent reason, although even in that case you are still benefiting from the production/consumption of negative energy, which has to do something to your immortal soul, if not body. I’m just saying, we spend all year going hoarse about the guys who stink and we give far too little airtime to our favorite heroes. So let’s focus on that, huh? Let’s end this year feeling pretty good about things, at least as good as we can. Yay? Yay!

Mark Wahlberg
If for no other reason, Mark Wahlberg makes this list for his claim this past January that had he been on the plane during 9/11 he would have single-handedly prevented one of the greatest tragedies in American history. But also Contraband was really pretty good, did you see it? That movie kind of came and went but it is worth revisiting.

Benedict Cumberbatch
Whoa, one of our crushes of 2012 has carried over to our Best People list? IS THAT EVEN ALLOWED? Yes! It’s allowed! I’ve just checked with the judges and it is allowed! May Benedict Cumberbatch continue to be in all the movies and hold all the babies and solve all the mysteries and never look good in a paparazzi photograph even though he looks so good otherwise in the year 2013!

Channing Tatum
This was the year where everyone was like, whoa, wait a second, is Channing Tatum actually kind of great? And the answer seems to be yes. He was funny in 21 Jump Street, and he fucked the floor into pieces in Magic Mike, for sure, but did you know he also WON A PEABODY AWARD? Good grief. Channing Tatum, everybody! Let him know!

Barack Obama

Chris Gethard
2012 was Chris Gethard’s year in many ways. He wrote a book and became the New King of Authors. He called out Videogum commenter Just Dessérts. (Possibly not an accomplishment he thinks about when he reviews his own year.) IFC adopted him. The Chris Gethard Show had a very strong, wonderful, totally weird year, and remember that episode they did for Alyssa? Just the best.

Tig Notaro
As we’ve already pointed out, Tig Notaro was already very funny before bad things happened to her, but this certainly was the year in which she was appropriately recognized and celebrated for it. So we’d like to jump on that bandwagon as well!

Krispy Kreme/Froggy Fresh
And of course we couldn’t forget Videogum’s Person of the Year, Froggy Fresh. Can you believe Froggy/Krispy wasn’t in our life at all before the year 2012? WHAT?! Let’s not think about it. Onward and upward for Froggy, Moneymaker, and all of us. And — as always — down with James.

(Main image via Shutterstock.)