This Week In Comedy Open Thread

Since all of our normal Must See TV Thursday shows had their holiday episodes last week, this week we were left with NOTHING. JK! Always like to start out our chats with a funny little joke! We have lots of stuff to talk about. Bob’s Burgers was very good, no doy, featuring David Wain as the girl who like-liked Gene. That show is just very good, in a way that makes me not really know what to say about it otherwise. I liked how Gene not wanting to date the girl who liked him, dating her anyway, and then not wanting to have to break up with her was so realistic and so silly at the same time. All of the growing-up challenges the kids have faced this season have been dealt with in a similar manner, and it’s always wonderful. They do a good job there. It’s a good show. I haven’t yet watched the new Simpsons episode, featuring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, but LOTS of people were talking about it on the ‘net this week. I originally thought they were talking about it because it was a good episode, but then it seemed like people were talking about it because it was a particularly bad episode? It’s hard to understand what people are saying sometimes. So. What was it? Good or bad? GOOD OR BAD? Tell meeeee! Speaking of shows that are good shows, The New Girl is another one! Loved when Jess asked, “Are they just going to play computer music all night?” Loved whatever Nick said after Schmidt tried to give him a lap dance. Loved earlier on when Nick said “Well, that’s how you make the Chicago Bears win” about only eating mayonnaise on game day. Good job. Merry Christmas. The Mindy Project was not good again! I don’t think it will ever be good to me, because it is not a show that I like! I really wish that Mindy would stop with the making everyone call her character fat and point out that she is non-white all the time. We god damn get it, girl. You’re hurting more than you’re helping. And having Erin from the Office screech that Mindy is a “FAT INDIAN” made Erin from the Office racist, and then you tried to make us think that she was actually an OK person? Boo. Bad. Stop. No. It’s Always Sunny’s restaurant bottle episode was great. Mac and Charlie were adorable. I liked how at the end everyone was nice to each other. Haha. I did, though! I was afraid that they weren’t going to be nice to Dee, but then they were THANK GOODNESS! The season is almost over, guys! That sucks! I don’t want it to be almost over! And, finally, we got two back-to-back episodes of The League and they were both good and disgusting. Happy Holidays. What did you think about TV?