The Gummy Awards: Your Favorite Movies Of 2012

We continue the unveiling of the 2012 Gummy Award winners today with your favorite movies of the year. All of Hollywood sits at the edge of its seat, occasionally mopping sweat from its furrowed brow. WHO WILL THE VIDEOGUM READERS (ALONG WITH THE STEREOGUM READERS) CHOOSE?! Relax, Doc Showbiz, you are about to find out. In some ways, movies are harder to choose than TV, don’t you guys think so? I feel like with TV it is so cut and dry. There are good shows and there are bad shows and there’s very little disagreement about this. Oh, you might LIKE a bad show, but you’re not confused about which category it falls into. The Real Pregnant Shahs of Ice Road County is not Breaking Bad. But with movies, you can make a very clear and convincing argument that The Avengers is a good movie. Because it is. But it’s obviously a very different movie from Beasts of the Southern Wild, or what have you. And that difference is far greater and more intense than the difference between Mad Men and Girls, for example. Is this interesting? Should I go on and on about this forever? Or should we just get to it? And now, presenting the Videogum/Stereogum community’s favorite movies of 2012 as voted on by you:

10. Prometheus

9. Lincoln

8. Beasts Of The Southern Wild

7. The Cabin In The Woods

6. The Avengers

5. Argo

4. Skyfall

3. The Master

2. The Dark Knight Rises

1. Moonrise Kingdom

And there you have it. READ THEM AND WEEP THEM. All in all, a pretty decent list from a pretty decent year. Congratulations to all of the winners. Congratulations to all of the voters. We did it and we will keep doing it. Tomorrow: your favorite viral videos of 2012!