Remaking Pride And Prejudice, Forever And Ever

We don’t need to go over the endless iterations of Pride and Prejudice in film and television because snore and also because obviously and then finally because I provided one link, which is enough. “This-a book-a is-a popular among-a those looking to cash-a in on timeless themes without-a having to think of their own-a plots!” That was an unkind caricature of an Italian pizza chef, probably, whose reading of the situation I agree with. This time Jennifer Love Hewitt, keeper of The Client List HERSELF, is involved! And also Lifetime! From The Hollywood Reporter:

Lifetime is looking for a new Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy.

The female-skewing cable network is teaming with Jennifer Love Hewitt to develop Darcy’s Town, a modern retelling of Jane Austen’s literary classic Pride and Prejudice set in a small Virginia town.

The Lifetime drama is being penned by Sheryl Anderson (Charmed), exec produced by Hewitt and hails from the actress-producer’s Fedora Films and Cineflix. Jeanie Bradley, Fedora’s head of development and production, brought the project to Lifetime.

BUT HOW WILL THEY UPDATE IT THIS TzzzzZzzzzZZZZzzz. This is not going to be good, probably, I think it’s safe to say, so maybe a better question is: What is your DREAM Pride and Prejudice adaptation? Does it take place in space, on a spaceship? But the players aren’t humans, they’re dogs? Because humans have died but before they died they put a bunch of human brains in dogs heads, so now dogs are humans but with dog bodies? And they have to live in space because Earth has been destroyed? If that’s your dream Pride and Prejudice remake then I agree. If it’s not, what is it? You have one, right? It’s ok if you’ve commented with your dream Pride and Prejudice adaptation before, you can just copy and paste so we have them all in one place and know where to find them!! #121212