Best New Party Game: @SeinfeldToday

The fake Twitter account that is taking the Internet by SEXTorm today is @SeinfeldToday in which we are given a glimpse at what the beloved sitcom from the creator of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee would look like if they were still making episodes. You get it. I feel like you get it? You get it. It’s a very funny Twitter account and it’s very well done and you should follow it, but also this is a fun game that we can all play at home.

  • Elaine opens her own Etsy store but no one’s buying so Jerry sets up multiple fake user accounts to buy her bottlecap earrings. Kramer rents a Zip car for a cross-country road trip.
  • Jerry’s new girlfriend sends him a SnapChat that makes him break up with her. George tries to invest in Facebook but buys shares in MySpace by accident. Kramer gets his own box at the new Barclay’s Center.
  • Newman leaves rude comments about Jerry’s set at Caroline’s on BrooklynVegan. Elaine is mad that George doesn’t follow her on Twitter. Kramer opens a food truck.
  • George’s parents FaceTime him while he is having sex. Kramer’s iPhone app “Shazam For Sandwiches” is a best-seller. Jerry catches swine flu at a Zumba class.

The game about nothing. Get it? LOLOL. Everyone wins.