Saturday Night Live: Jamie Foxx And Ne-Yo

It’s hard to stay true to yourself creatively when you have a constant chorus of people telling you what you’re doing is not very good. With that in mind, you really have to hand it to Saturday Night Live for including a musical piece in the monologue every single god damn week even though no one in the entire world likes them because they are never good and especially tiresome when overused. Haha. Ahhh! THE PIANO, NOOOO! Never change, Saturday Night Live! U got 2 do U. Jamie Foxx’s monologue was strong enough otherwise (though as it went on it did teeter towards seeming like an SNL parody ad for a comedy album), as was his presence throughout the episode. (Quite a change from the tiny shivering animal with big scared eyes, looking up at you as if it is begging you to see if your parents will let you keep it because it will certainly not survive outside on its own that was Jeremy Renner.) As for the episode itself, it was VERY even and if I had to choose which half was better — pre- or post-Weekend Update — I would have to abstain from choosing because either choice would be a lie, they were perfectly equal in quality just kidding! The first half was garbage and then the second half was great! Let’s talk about the great part!

I want to quickly mention the “Ding Dong” Weekend Update segment — it was not great (though certainly better than the Mrs. Santa segment), but Jamie Foxx was very funny futzing around in his Ding Dong suit. No complaints about that. I could watch that guy futz around in a Ding Dong suit for MINUTES!

“Tree Pimps,” the second pre-taped short of the night (the first being the Tyler Perry/Alex Cross/Madea short, which was not very good) (save for the “helloo” which was funny every time) was good! I liked it. I’m not sure how much I’m enjoying these quieter, darker type of “Digital Short” digital shorts — I like the idea of them, but they are generally short on actual L.O.L.s — but the one worked, I think.

After having to suffer through “Bitch What’s The Answer” sketch at the top of the show, when I saw that we’d be getting another game show sketch I said, “NO, ARE YOU SERIOUS?” out loud and it was very dramatic. Even more dramatic than the “noooooo” I said out loud when the J-Pop sketch was beginning. But the “Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney” sketch was just a joy! Wonderful. Inspired. Dermot Mulroney. Proves that the gameshow format CAN work, if only very rarely.

“Maine Justice” was a perfect shit show. Loved it even before Charlie Day came out, and then loved it even more. Very silly. Really, the whole second half veered towards silly in a way that was really wonderful, but this was the highlight.

“Swarvoski Crystals” was great. Loved it. A+.

And Ne-Yo performed! I didn’t like his performances very much! I’m sorry, Ne-Yo!