Teen Korner: Yo! MTV’s “Millennials” Blog, Dawgs!

Zigga zigga ahh, you pogs!

What is up? Today I want to rap at the wicked cool broheims who study hard and respect their teachers and the super chill skate bettys who like Parks and Recreation but wish the show didn’t use female empowerment as a comedic backdrop. You’re probably looking at me and thinking “Who is this old grandpa and how did he log on to WebTV? I’m going to go SEXT my bff with beneffits on this Samsung Galaxy.” Hold on a second! Before you send that SEXT you better read this. Second of all, I don’t use WebTV, not anymore. And third of all, Yahoo Serious, I am not a grandpa because you have to have kids in the first place maybe you need to hit the books ROTFL. Besides, u guyz should really stop automatically making fun of peeps 3 their age and face and web-connection becuz then they won’t Facebook friend you and you’ll never hear about the cool new blogz. And then the joke is on you! I’m not a chicken, you are a turkey ROTFL. Anyway, today I wanted to let you know about a cool new MTV blog called MTVInsights. It’s everything you need to know about Millennials, which is your grandparents’ generation.

Check out this cool as heck shiztuff:

In addition to a pretty sweet glossary of all the new Millennial slang, which will keep all the swole white girl wasted’s Muploads so fresh and so clean while you’re hangin on the flippity flop, they’ve got lots of other hella neat stuff. Like this illustrated guide to some of the different kinds of millennials:

75 percent of millennials agree that you have got to have a side hustle! NO JOKE, THOUGH, GET ON THAT GRIND, LITTLE BOYS AND GIRLS. #cream #crisphoodies #sofresh

The new blog also has a great infographic about “Alt Kids” vs “Honors Kids.”

Now you know. Before you didn’t know, but now you know. Also good drawings. Those skinny-ass Crayola markers are dope.

Guys, there is so much cool stuff on here, I don’t even want to bore you anymore with all this hot gas I’m blowing. The best part? It’s on Tumblr so U know it IZ strictly 4 kids by kids (with some help from underpaid adults). This is TOTES worth some of your allotted 2 hours of Internet free time before your mom unplugs the computer and makes you spend time with the family. Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out! But also eat more fruits and vegetables and get outside sometimes. YOLOLOLOLOLOL. (Via BuzzFeed.)