It’s The Most Prankerful Time Of The Year

The holiday season is a time to get together with the people you love most, people who trust you because you know them and their strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else, people who have loved you and cared for you for your entire life and who know that you would never do anything to spoil this one time during the entire year when the whole family gets together, because apparently throughout the rest of the year everyone is just too involved in their own lives to come home and visit their poor mom and dad, as if you’d even have a life to be too involved in without them. It’s the time of the year when you get to put on your best pair of #PRANKINGSHOES and GET TO WORK! As we all know, pranks are wonderful little pieces of joy shared between humans throughout the entire year (just kidding) (they are always the worst!) (never ever do them) (you know that), but holiday pranks add a little extra sparkle to the whole prank occasion. For example:

BOOM! Gotcha, nerds. You’ve just been #HOLIDAYPRANKED by a #SNOWMAN. Even if the cameraman had to prompt you to do it. For more examples:

  • Tell your family you’re going to cook Christmas dinner. When Christmas dinnertime rolls around say, “Just kidding!” They’ll say, “What?” You’ll say, “About cooking dinner.” They’ll say, “What? Seriously?” And you’ll say, “Yup! PRANKED!”
  • At the stroke of midnight on New Years, kiss someone other than your date. #HOLIDAYPRANKED!
  • Give a baby a gift for an adult.
  • Tell all of your employees they have to work on Christmas day. “But don’t we normally get that day off?” they’ll cry. “Yes, normally, but not this year,” you’ll say. And then when they show up leave a note that says they don’t actually have to work that day.
  • Give a teenager a donation to charity in their name.
  • Give someone snakes in a can but fill the can with REAL SNAKES!

Well, there you go. Lots of fun stuff to try out. Remember: It’s never too early to prepare for the holidays! (Via LaughingSquid.)