Krispy Kreme Needs A New Rap Name

There comes a time in every friendship when one friend must swallow their pride, reach out to the other friend, and ask for help with deciding what their new rap name should be, because their current rap name the name of a popular chain of donut restaurants and that popular chain called their dad’s house recently and now everything is ruined. That time came for our dear friend Krispy Kreme today. Please listen to his announcement that he took the time to record when he should’ve been at school, and take some time out to help him pick the best rap name out of the six replacement rap names he has come up with. Feel free to leave another suggestion in the comments, as well. If we all pull together I’m sure we’ll be able to figure it out. Love you, KK and MMM!

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Thanks for voting! I know it was probably difficult! All of these names are pretty good and I’m almost positive that at least one of them could possibly work!