Attempting To Express What Aaron Paul Experienced With Words

For those of us who follow Aaron Paul on Twitter, we know that it is just a mixed bag of talking about how “crazy” new episodes of Breaking Bad are going to be, Jesse Pinkman quotes, linking to Breading Bad viral video parodies and asking why he was not asked to be a part of them, pictures of his stupid beautiful fiancée, and what I will lovingly categorize as “other.” It is a sweet Twitter feed of a person who is very much enjoying being a part of the very wonderful series Breaking Bad and having a stupid beautiful fiancée, and I would recommend it to anyone, unless you are a person who has a particular fantasy about what it might be like to marry Aaron Paul and that fantasy does not include your husband thinking and then tweeting things like this. If you are that kind of person DO NOT FOLLOW AARON PAUL ON TWITTER!! Trust me!!!!!! Don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!! In any case, a tweet that Aaron Paul tweeted last night has been going around the blogosphere this morning (haha, goodnight!!!!! That line was my Earth resignation.) for a reason that I can’t really put my finger on, since it is like every other tweet Aaron Paul has ever tweeted about Breaking Bad. (“The shit hits the fan in episode 3 shit’s about to get NUTS you guys don’t even know!” ) (I mean, it is obviously probably just because we haven’t heard anything new about Breaking Bad on the Internet in a few weeks and this is what the Internet does.) But since we must make pointless hay while the Aaron Paul Twitter sun shines onto our blogzones, LET’S MAKE THAT HAY! What do you think Aaron Paul experienced while reading the first episode of the final half of the final season of Breaking Bad? These are my guesses:

  • Diarrhea
  • His eyes felt like they were about to fall out of his skull and then they did fall out, but he put them back in and everything was fine and the episode actually wasn’t that crazy, now that his eyes were better adjusted.
  • A ghost visited him and said, “Aaron, follow Kelly Conaboy on Twitter” and pulled out all the drawers in his dresser and spilled the glass of water he was drinking, so I guess to express it with words he would say, “Crazy ghost thing, but cool & enlightening.”
  • A migrane like he’d never felt before.
  • The feeling where you know you’re going to have a sore throat soon.
  • His fiancée came into the room and said, “I’VE BEEN WEARING A MASK” and as it turns out she’s not so beautiful after all.

IDK. Just my guesses. Let me know if any of them were close, Aaron Paul!