Fuck This Elevator Prank!

It would feel wrong to begin talking about a scary prank on a TV show — in this case on the Brazilian variety show Programa Silvio Santos — without noting that this prank is probably not much scarier than many of the pranks that were included on legendary scare prank show, Scare Tactics. That show was messed up, for real! (Also it was great.) I think I may have blocked out the specifics on a lot of the Scare Tactics pranks, but, like, the victims were very often placed in a secluded wooded area, right? Surrounded by people covered in blood, screaming? And then a little person dressed as a devil would jump out of the chest of somebody and he or she would be carrying an axe, and be like, “I’M GONNA MURDER YA!” And it would feel a little gross, and you’d think, like, why do they always have to include a little person in their scary pranks, as if to say both that little people are inherently scary for the victim and inherently funny for the viewer? Messed up! This prank is not like that, though, because this prank takes place in an elevator (an already scary place because of how you just know it’s going to break every time you’re in there), and they pull it on a lot of different people, only increasing the chances for someone to die during the prank, but they don’t, and I cannot believe that none of them do. Fuck this prank!

VERY COOL PRANK! What I love about it the most is how you really get how funny it is. Without the laugh track I would’ve been like, “Is this funny?” But with the laugh track I’m like, “This is funny.” Thank you, Programa Silvio Santos! I really thought I was up to my limit with elevator-based anxieties! (Thanks for the tip, Scott!)