The 2012 Gummy Awards

HEY EVERYBODY! What’s up what’s up what’s up? I’ll tell you what’s up! It’s time once again for the 200th annual Gummy Awards — the special time of year when we team up with the adorable Stereogum side of the family and ask you guys to choose the best of the best of the year 2012. Did you like anything this year? WAIT! Don’t say no just yet! Think hard — were there any movies, TV shows, albums, music videos, viral videos, new artists, or indie rock crushes who stood out to you? Once you come up with something, head on over to Stereogum and cast your vote! “But I’ve already cast one vote this year. Do I really have to cast two votes?” YES YOU REALLY HAVE TO CAST TWO VOTES! Plus in this election you don’t just have the chance to win a boring old president, one of you, chosen randomly, also has the chance to win an iPad with retina display (WiFi + Cellular, 32GB)! WOWOWOW! VOTE OR CRY! THAT YOU DID NOT HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN THAT iPAD!

Polls close on Wednesday 12/5 at 12 PM EST. Check out last year’s winners here.