The SO Undercover Poster Is SO Perfect

Oh, this looks great. What a treat! How undercover is she? SO undercover. Haha! Yeah! Awesome! It’s a little surprising that she is so undercover while WEARING HER BADGE RIGHT ON HER WAIST and HAVING THE HANDCUFFS ALREADY OUT AND READY, but that’s probably why she’s the best in the biz, right? “Most undercover agents have to disguise their identity and spend months building a relationship and confidence with a suspect in order to gain entree into the illegal underworld we are targeting, but the thing about Miley is she just walks right up in the most boring outfit you have ever seen that could not possibly have cost her more than $40 and I am including the shoes in that estimate, with her badge prominently displayed and her handcuffs dangling from her finger in a slightly suggestive way that says I don’t know if you want to fuck me or arrest me, but also who are you, because you seem like one of the gang, are you with Chupo? Or the East Side Bumblebees? Because you are SO undercover.” That was the chief talking just then. Thanks, Chief! And thank you for introducing us to the FBI’s new secret weapon. It was great to MEET her. I love meeting new people! Again, it seems like the moment someone is introduced as the FBI’s new secret weapon, they cease to be the FBI’s new secret weapon, like the law enforcement equivalent of the Heisenberg Principle, but again, that is why she is the best. Love her. Love this. Love you.