Let’s Build A Movie: Romantic Comedy

I’m bored. Aren’t you guys bored? It can be so boring sometimes! There are people who will tell you that “only boring people get bored” which is seriously the most ridiculous garbage. Only boring people SAY THAT. Fascinating people get bored all the time because of people like the people who use that expression. But we can fix it! Together! Let’s turn our frowns upsides downs and let’s build a movie! Seriously, if you think about most of the movies being made these days, we can definitely build a movie. If anything, it’s just weird that we haven’t already done so. I’ve already taken the liberty of narrowing the genre. Because I am the Major Producer (I know the terminology and how to use it). The rest is up to you. First, we need to pick our stars.

[poll id=”222″]

Falls head over heels in love with:

[poll id=”231″]

The two of them are living in:

[poll id=”232″]

He works as a high-powered:

[poll id=”242″]

She owns her own:

[poll id=”251″]

They meet serendipitously:

[poll id=”261″]

But there is an obstacle to their love. You see:

[poll id=”271″]

There is a really hilarious scene where:

[poll id=”272″]

But in the end they both realize:

[poll id=”282″]

Honestly, this is going to be a pretty good movie. I would watch this movie. On an airplane or something. Or, like, drunk at 3AM on HBO2 after having missed the first 45 minutes. But I’d watch most of this movie. Totally. (Image via Shutterstock.)