How Long Are You Willing To Wait Before Throwing Your Computer Out A Window?

It is easy to laugh at this new study that has determined most people will give up on a video if it takes longer than two seconds to load, but I legit almost throw my computer out of the window every single day for things like stalling for a few seconds while I have a million tabs open and 90% of them are just Courtney Stodden GIF walls, so WHO AM I TO JUDGE? From Gizmodo:

According to the recent study, based on 2.3 million views by 6.7 million unique users, users will start abandoning “short” videos after two seconds, and that 20 percent have moved on after five seconds. As far as the study is concerned, “short” equals “less than 30 minutes,” so you can probably imagine the migration happens even faster when you’re talking about a one or two minute clip. Viewers waiting for longer flicks (probably films) are willing to put up with a lot more BS.

It sounds like an exaggeration of what you’d actually guess, but it ALSO sounds about right. 2 seconds is definitely enough time to realize you’re wasting enough of your life watching garbage videos on the Internet to waste any more of your precious few Earth seconds waiting for them to load. (Only to, I assume, go seek out a new video that will load instantly.) But does this seem true to you? What about your life? What happens in your life? How are you doing? Who are you wearing? PLZ VOTE IN OUR POLL.

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Thank you for voting. Four more years! Of our lives spent loading and watching Internet videos!