Saturday Night Live: Anne Hathaway And Rihanna

America’s sweetheart Anne Hathaway hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time on Saturday night and proved once again to be a very competent sketch-player, like Justin Timberlake if instead of being incredibly likable, Justin Timberlake was mostly unlikeable for reasons you couldn’t really put your finger on but that, if you were pressed, you’d probably say stem from an ever-present tight desperation face and a forced sincerity that makes you think, “What is she covering up with that forced sincerity?” Her episodes have been surprisingly good in the past, but unfortunately this time around she could neither score a turkey NOR do a hat-trick, or get three baskets in a row, nor three touchdowns. It certainly wasn’t a bad episode, but I do think it was hit-or-miss all night, with the misses (for example, the “Girlfriends” sketch) being very big misses, and the hits never hitting quite as well as you’d hope. (With the possible exception of the Homeland sketch, which I will get to in a moment.) (And with the DEFINITE exception of Drunk Uncle, which I will also get to in a moment.) (Let’s get to the good things now, actually.)

I know I always complain about the monologue being a song (because seriously WHAT IS UP WITH THAT ALL THE TIME NOW?), but, oops, loved this one! Maybe all the song monologues should be to the tune of Broadway hits and everyone should sing them very well, until the end when everyone comes out and it all gets a little murky? Just an idea.

I have to say that much of the Homeland sketch was lost on me, as I have never seen an episode of Homeland. (I hear it’s good!) Though I can imagine that for a Homeland fan this sketch was very good. I at least understood the concept of the Claire Danes cry-face, which was perf.

I don’t know how I feel about “Mokiki.” My immediate reaction was that I wasn’t a fan, but I do think that I am being a little too harsh. Maybe I liked it a little? Did you like it? Did you LOVE it?

Weekend Update was good this week, with its Barack Obama appearance and especially with its Drunk Uncle appearance. Drunk Uncle definitely does basically the same shit every time he comes out, but every time he does that shit that shit is always THE BEST. (With the exception of the thing where he says the “twitter me, twitter me,” “spotify me, spotify me” bit — that can go and I’d definitely be OK with it.)

McDonalds Firing was good. I liked it. This and Drunk Uncle were probably the only sketches during which I LOL’d.

I definitely appreciated the American Gothic sketch. I’m glad it was in there.

And finally, Rihanna performed in what has definitely been my favorite performance of the season. That new-agey cheap projection stuff was the best, and she looked very beautiful and sounded amazing. It’s only too bad that I can’t listen to any of her songs without thinking about her continued involvement with Chris Brown and how upsetting it is. COME ON, RIHANNA!