Making Football Look Adorable, Fun, And Easy

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve had to watch football? Maybe you were at a friend’s house and they are participating in a fantasy football league this year and they wanted to see how a player was doing, or maybe you were at a bar and didn’t know that the particular bar would have a game on because if you did you would’ve chosen a different bar, or maybe you decided last year that you are going to root for the Dolphins as a joke, because the idea of that team is somehow funny to you, but you’ve gotten too deep into it and now turn on games just to “joke root” for the Dolphins and “joke taunt” the other team, knowing full well that the joke is really on you because now you are watching a football game? WELL DO I HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU! Simply go to the TV, turn it off, boot up your computer, find this link, and load up this incredibly talented little girl’s YouTube football highlight reel. All of the fun, and none of so boring and painful-looking!

You: I have a better idea.
Your Friend: What?
You: Let me just…
Your Friend: What? Wait, don’t turn off the TV. THEY WERE JUST ABOUT TO DO A GOAL! (?)
You: Relax! I wouldn’t turn off the game unless I had something better, ok?
Your Friend: What are you talking about?!
You: Here.
Your Friend: What is this?
You: Just watch!
Your Friend: Are you kidding me? Turn on the TV, this isn’t funny. She is very talented, and I get it, but can you just stop.
You: Just watch the video, friend.
Your Friend: TURN ON THE TV.
You: You’re being difficult.
Your Friend: WHAT THE FUCK?

Scene. (Thanks for the tip, Alex!)