FINALLY, A Reality Show About Tech Developers

For whatever reason, reality TV still feels like a kind of new thing even though it is so beyond new it is not even funny. At this point we should just call it TV, right? It’s not a special kind of TV anymore, it is basically the main kind of TV. If anything, reality TV should be called TV and everything else should get a special designation, like jokes TV, and sad TV, and cop stories TV. (Great point, Gabe! Please go on and on about this for another 5,000 words!) Anyway, finally, at long last, Bravo has done what no other network has been brave enough to do, and created a garbage reality show about the sexy, sexy world of Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs. It basically looks like every single other show, but people just say the words “blog” and “stocks” a lot or something. Seriously, there is like a blond one, and a gay one, and an over-confident one, and they all spend every night at the nightclub. One girl says “this package doesn’t usually come with brains” so that is how we know we’re dealing with a bunch of real Genius Bars over here. Mostly, at least based on this promo, I think it’s a show about getting drunk and dancing? Aka every show? Dramaaaaaaaaaaaa.

This show should be called Nerd Alert, because of all the nerds. LOL. Please RT.