Excuse Me, Sir, Your Child’s Costume Is Too Scary

I want to say first that I applaud your efforts as a father. Not every child has a dad who would take what I imagine to be hours out of their day and dedicate them to making their daughter look so unreasonably terrifying. Well done. I also applaud your daughter who did not go the too-often traveled route of dressing up like, I don’t know, one of the Babysitters Club, or Taylor Swift, or whatever 11-year-old girls are dressing up as these days. It takes a very special young lady to make her own Halloween path and dress up as something that will give normal, otherwise fairly mentally stable grown adults cold-sweat nightmares for days. With all of that said, I know it is two days past Halloween and this may not be a problem for another whole year (if you both do decide to go with the same costume next year, which I’d like to suggest that you do NOT), but just on the chance that this is something you both do for fun during the off-season, and as a general word of warning, and because the situation truly demands it, I have to let you know: YOUR 11-YEAR-OLD CHILD’S HALLOWEEN COSTUME IS TOO SCARY!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! How does she know how to make all of those scary faces underneath the prosthetics? How does she know how to make all of those scary sounds? Is this possibly the first stage in this family’s devilish plan to let a TRUE WITCH walk among us, as if she were merely a child? WHY DID YOU MAKE HER FACE SO SCARY? Daaaaaaaaaaad!! (Via BlameItOn.)