This Week In GIFs!

What a terrible week! Unless you had a good week. Then, CONGRATULATIONS! Did you get engaged? A new job? Did your television series get picked up? Did one of your favorite celebrities finally tweet back at you? If yes: Congrats again. You’ve earned a congrats. For the rest of us: I’m so sorry. Let’s hope next week is better. Until then, let’s take a look back at some of the things we’ve had a laugh about this week! Great!

Lindsay Lohan turned out to be totally right about everyone just relaxing about the hurricane, just kidding.

Mitt Romney refused to give up Friday Night Lights.

Mark Hamill knew about the Star Wars thing for a whole year!

Jamie Kennedy was in blackface for who cares why!

Shirley MacLaine asked Downton Abbey’s most puzzling question!

And, finally, 30 Rock was on Wednesday and that was the only show!