Billy Eichner Gets The Official Videogum “Stamp Of Approval”

It might seem beside the point to award someone who has his own television show and makes regular appearances on Conan, Watch What Happens Live, and who even knows what else, with a previously non-existent fake accolade from a mid-sized pop culture blog. There is no such thing as a “Videogum Seal of Approval,” and even if there were, Billy Eichner doesn’t need it. Well too bad! He’s going to get it! Even if we have to invent it right now! Here is the thing about Billy Eichner: by all accounts we should dislike him. We are not big fans of man on the street comedy for two reasons: it is almost never funny, and it generally falls into the same deplorable brand of “comedy” as Improv Everywhere and other prank shows in which normal people who are simply trying to get through their day unmolested are aggressively forced to participate in someone else’s art. Leave them alone! They just want to get to their jobs that they probably don’t like in order to pay the rent that is too high! And somehow, Billy Eichner’s man on the street comedy is always hilarious, and the second, decidedly more important issue of bothering people who don’t want to be bothered somehow falls by the wayside. (Is this a double standard? If we can give Billy Eichner a pass on that, then how can we reasonably hold Improv Everywhere or, what, Bam Margera (?) up to a different set of rules? Uh, yes, we can, because this is America and life is unfair. Deal with it, Bam Margera.) We’re not sure how far Billy Eichner can take this particular train, because it seems unlikely that they will ever make a Billy on the Street movie, and it might only be entertaining in 5-10 minute doses, but we hope he keeps giving us those doses. (Gross.) They’re great! The best doses! After the jump, a brand new Billy Eichner clip from last night’s episode of Conan in which he finds out how regular Americans feel about Madonna the election, and our all time favorite Eichner clip for good measure:

Last night’s Conan:

And this one is just a classic: