The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Wolverine Gangnam Style

Here is a photo of Hugh Jackman and the K-Pop musician PSY both wearing Wolverine claws and doing the “Gangnam Style” dance, OBVIOUSLY. At a certain point, pop culture is just going to completely stop making sense, right? Like, one time in the ’80s someone wore a vintage leather jacket over a wedding dress and people were like, “Whoa, that’s different!” and then when the Internet came along someone discovered that you could recut Das Boot to make it look like a romantic comedy, or whatever, but in both of those cases the combination of disparate styles was in an effort to make something new and cool. Nowadays everyone smashes everything against everything else just because they can. We’re like a bunch of developmentally abnormal children in a pop cultural sandbox throwing all of the dirt in each other’s eyes. Take it easy guys! Just because you can make something into a thing doesn’t mean you HAVE TO. I’m sure this is just for some sketch on Carson Daly’s talk show, Three AM, but, like, come on. WHAT EVEN IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE AND/OR TO WHOM IS IT SUPPOSED TO APPEAL? It has absolutely no contextual depth or complex thought behind it, and it’s not simply absurdity for comic relief because it isn’t even a little bit funny. Oh well, at least it doesn’t truck in POINTLESS NOSTALGIA. Leave a comment on this photo, and see if you can think of something better than “what?,” “why?,” or “good grief.”

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. Do the donkey dance! (Image via RatsOff!)