Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Here’s a new teaser poster for Edgar Wright’s upcoming The World’s End. Do you feel sufficiently teased? -SlashFilm
  • Just when Romney thought he had all the powerful endorsements in his pocket, the porn industry (THE porn industry) has declared it wants FOUR MORE YEARS! (OF OBAMA!) (#PORN!) -Mediaite
  • Ugh. I hate this so much I barely even know why I’m sharing it with everyone (jk. I know why. The reason why I am sharing it with everyone is because it is my job to share things like this with everyone because they fall within our general interests) but here is the character Ron Swanson talking about the bacon shortage. -Vulture
  • Here’s a little teaser trailer for the Onion’s upcoming (coming up next week) Ted Talks spoof. That should be fun! Right? HELLO? -TheOnion
  • Whaaaaaat! Michael Bolton is getting his own comedy series on ABC titled Michael Bolton’s Daughter Is Destroying My Life. Stranger than the idea that Michael Bolton is getting his own comedy series (?) is the popular idea that it is OK to give your TV show a big stupid long-ass title. -Deadline
  • Here is Christopher Lloyd talking with the AV Club about a few different roles that have defined his career. Love this guy, right! Love ‘em! -AVClub
  • Did you guys watch the premiere of Nashville earlier this week? I haven’t yet, but I want to! I heard it was pretty good! The Week thinks it’s good too, see why! -TheWeek
  • And, finally, a very happy birthday to our dear friend and Subway fan, Kirk Cameron. -FilmDrunk