This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

Have you ever noticed how sometimes people disappear for awhile and then they come back, and it’s so fun when they do? For example: Parker Posey! She’s everywhere these days. Louie, New Girl, ONE OF THE TRAILERS AFTER THE JUMP! Great to have her back. Luv her. I’m sure there are other examples of people who disappeared and then all of a sudden return with a vengeance but we don’t have time to pull examples of that out of our butts all day we have got 2 get 3 these new movie trailers!


Hahahhahah uhhhhhhhhhhh…………Look, I love Amy Heckerling, and this cast is actually pretty incredible (oh hai, Wallace Shawn) (the guy from Downton Abbey?!) so maybe we should just leave it at that. But can we? Can we leave it at that? Because I kind of feel like there is more to say! I am not sure if I love or hate this trailer. I AM GOING TO HAVE COFFIN HAIR IN THE MORNING! But in terms of sending up the vampire trend with a campy, valley girl schtick, isn’t that what Buffy is supposed to do? I’m so confused! Please send help.

Identity Thief

In my old age I have come to appreciate a high concept premise. Oh, there is nothing better than beautiful, complex, difficult to explain art. But sometimes it’s fun to just hear an idea and go “yes, I understand that idea and that idea is funny to me.” This is an example of something that does that.

Promised Land

Oof. I don’t know, guys. If nothing else this just looks like one of those kind of boring movies that preaches to the choir. Like, the ONLY people who are going to see this are people who already hate FRACKING or whatever this is even about. No one is going to walk out of the theater going “I used to not give a wild F about the environment, but after those stirring performances and that riveting human drama, now I am beginning to think multi-national corporations shouldn’t be allowed to strip mine my farm.” We’re already on board with your moral outcome. Also there is something very funny to me about Matt Damon and John Krasinski writing this together. Just picturing the two of them at Intelligentsia huddled over a pair of laptops being like, “INT. BAR – NIGHT: Matt Damon is playing pool. John Krasinksi enters. His hat is perfect.” Haha.

The Comedy

This: The Movie?


This looks very creepy! I don’t like horror movies because they are too scary, but I like movies like this, even though in some ways they are even scarier. CREEPY PARANORMAL SEX MYSTERIES! Yes, please.

Price Check

PARKER!!!!!! She. Is. Back! This looks good. I am not generally a huge fan of infidelity movies. It’s just an aspect of the human experience that while common enough and potentially worth exploring in some fashion, like maybe a college psychology paper, bums me out to the extreme and as the central conflict of a movie just feels like the writer or director trying to work through some personal stuff. But on the other hand, I love movies about grocery price manipulators, so they cancel each other out and then you throw Posey in the mix and it is A++ across the board. #Fandango

The Details

Ahhhhh! More infidelity! Although to be honest, this looks pretty good, too. You know what, forget what I said since I clearly have been proven wrong twice in a row. I love movies about infidelity. They are my favorite kind of movie. I cannot wait to see all of the movies on this important subject.