Saturday Night Live: Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Mumford & Sons

Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt ok? Did he forget his inhaler on Saturday but decided the show must go on, even if he had to remain out of breath for the duration? Why could he never catch his breath! This past weekend’s Saturday Night Live was, let’s just get right to it, pretty bad. This is possibly because the writers had to split their time between last Thursday’s Weekend Update half-hour special and this week’s sketches, or maybe it’s just because sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some, but my goodness. The opening monologue, in an attempt to poke fun at Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s previous “Make ‘Em Laugh” opening monologue with another “famous dance scene,” the joke being (I can only guess) that it is not famous and no one cares about it anymore, featured Jo-Go doing a Magic Mike dance. But the problem is that no one has talked about Magic Mike in like two months and Channing Tatum already did a(n appropriate) Magic Mike themed monologue when he hosted and also this monologue made me very uncomfortable. “LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME ARE YOU ENTERTAINED” -Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The Tres Equis commercials, which seemed as though they were meant to be the stars of the evening, didn’t work because I feel like they assumed we were totally sold on the idea of the Dos Equis mascot, which I don’t believe we are, and also just because they were kind of horrendous. But enough about the bad things, let’s talk about the almost good things!

Two sketches that could’ve taken a bit of trimming were the “My Daughter” sketch and the “Real Estate Agents” ad. If they had kept the Real Estate Agents ad to the length of last week’s “Wooden Spoons” ad, it probably would have been one of the best of the night. But instead it was one of the worst! DANG! I enjoyed Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s performance in the “My Daughter” sketch, but the joke hit immediately and failed to get any funnier throughout its millions of hours. So that was too bad.

“Undecided Voter” was great. A near-perfect combination of silliness and hinting at something political. Very good, I give it an A.

GOB Tampons was also good! Hardly a new joke, but certainly a joke that still works. Ok! WE’LL TAKE IT!

The “Hypnotist” sketch had a premise that I did like, but, unfortunately, completely lost me when it turned into something from Mad TV. Reel it in, guys! Have some confidence!

The “What Are You Doing?” segment during Weekend Update was just very good. (The Ann Romney segment, however, was confusing because it didn’t seem to be based on anything near reality. What was the joke? The idea that Ann Romney would like Beyonce? Also the Stephen A. Smith segment did not work for me because I don’t know who that is.)

And that’s kind of it! It wasn’t a good night. They can’t all be Seth MacFarlane episodes, apparently.

And, finally, Mumford & Sons performed. There was also a sketch in which Mumford & Sons performed the Beatles “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away,” but it is not available online, which is fine because it was very bad. SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!