Thursday Night TV Open Thread: They’re Back!

WELCOME BACK, TELEVISION SHOWS! The season premieres of Up All Night, Parks and Recreation, and the last season of The Office aired last night, along with a special Thursday edition of Weekend Update and the conclusion to Louie’s three-part “Late Show” series. So much stuff! And it was all enjoyable?! Weekend Update, although a lot of the jokes were still jokes you’ve heard variations of all over the Internet already (which I imagine is difficult to get around), was pretty fun! DRUNK UNCLE! Drunk Uncle is still great! And the Fox & Friends cold open was good. Enjoyable all around. Up All Night was totally fine, as it always is. Will Arnett looked very skinny, which was weird. Something that I’m fairly tired of on Parks and Recreation is Ron Swanson’s obsession with meat, which is absolutely the Internet’s fault, so that plot line didn’t really do a lot for me. Leslie in Washington DC was adorable, though, and very sweet, and everything that I like about the show. (Also everything Andy said.) (“Leslie, this is a really cool penis.”) (The thing he said about getting free pants.) MOVING RIGHT ALONG, The Office felt pretty fresh! I love Clark Duke! CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY’RE TALKING TO THE DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKERS NOW?! Haha. I wonder who it is??? My bet is MTV’s True Life. Can you believe Oscar is dating Angela’s husband?! What a damn jerk! You don’t date your coworkers husbands, Oscar, no matter what. Jim took the job! GOOD FOR JIM! Good for the show, having things happen! And, finally, Louie was just very, very good. It’s crazy how good David Lynch was. It’s crazy how perfect that three-part arc was. Hard to say anything about it other than that it was fantastic. So. WHAT DID YOU THINK ABOUT ALL THE SHOWS?