Robocop’s New Outfit Stinks

Ew! I hate Robocop’s new outfit! It’s so 2009. One day you are in and the next day you are Robocop, auf wiederscop. Paris Hilton says that Robocop’s new suit is NOT hot. It’s such a lazy pastiche of the Dark Knight, plus G.I. Joe, plus Tron: Legacy, plus SNOOZE BUTTON. They’ve updated Robocop for the kids by embedding the Snooze Button directly into his face! Here’s the thing about this, too: one of the main things that made Robocop so iconic was THE WAY THAT ROBOCOP LOOKED. So, while it was already unadvisable to be remaking Robocop in the first place, because you don’t have to remake everything, and you can start not doing that by not remaking Robocop, at the very least, if you are going to make Robocop, spend a full 10 seconds on his costume rather than the 5 you were going to spend. You know? Maybe you’ll end up doing exactly what you would have done in the first place, but hey, put your phone on airplane mode and turn Twitter off for a full minute because all those tweets are in the library of congress anyways and they are not going anywhere. Hmm, now what should the new Robocop look like? Hmmmm. Oh, just a pile of cliches stitched together with adamanthium webbing in a Daft Punk helmet? Perfect! Skrillex! America’s teens say: please sir, may I have some more?! (Via AV Club.)