Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • That’s your kegerator. -Geekologie
  • Oh speaking of, here is a collection of photos mixing Breaking Bad and Star Wars. I DON’T KNOW WHY. Because everything has to be mixed with everything else because this is the Internet? I don’t know why. -NerdApproved
  • Blake Lively is beautiful and wants to have 30 babies. Also she hangs out in her underwear and a sweater when she’s in the woods with her niece and nephew? You learn something new about Blake Lively every day. -Allure
  • Guess who’s back / Back again / Egg is back / Tell a friend. -Uproxx
  • The sequel to the Star Trek movie has a name! Guess what it is before you click through. Here’s a hint: The word “darkness” is in it. Ok great fun game let’s go! -Deadline
  • Here is Rob Lowe explaining the origin of Chris’s use of “literally” in Parks and Recreation. It’s LITERALLY pretty much what you’d assume! (Hahaha!) -Vulture
  • Oh my goodness, confused people on Twitter thought Blake Lively married Ryan Gosling. (Though I do think if you search for ANY dumb misunderstanding on Twitter you are bound to find it?) WILL THIS PAIN NEVER END FOR RYAN GOSLING? -FilmDrunk
  • Channing Tatum might direct Magic Mike 2 and it might be a road trip comedy. #perfect -SlashFilm