CNBC Asks Kim Kardashian For Her Take On The Economy, Obviously

You’ve got to hand it to CNBC, they are nothing if not consistent. If you are a guest on that network, you are probably going to get asked some kind of question about your economic views. Even if you are Kim Kardashian? Well, yes, it would seem so. I’m not entirely sure when this clip aired, as if that even matters to anyone at all. Let’s just say it was five minutes ago. But, so, Kim Kardashian was on CNBC and they asked her what she thought of the economy these days. HAAAAA! Weirdly, the interviewer doesn’t start furiously back-pedaling. “Uh, I mean, what’s your favorite flavor of sushi?!” You know, throwing out any other questions and seeing what sticks. Because here’s the thing about asking Kim Kardashian what she thinks of the current state of the economy: besides that being patently ridiculous, you also are going to have to LISTEN TO THE ANSWER. Whoops! That’s on you. You made your bed with Kim Kardashian’s “thoughts” on the economy, and now you have to lie in it and listen to what those thoughts are. SPOILER ALERT: she ah not so good at making the talk about wallet stuff.

Hahaha, GREAT take on the economy, Kimbers! She actually sounds almost exactly like Sarah Palin. Maybe the two of them can join forces and run for Co-Presidents of It. Game change! Rob can design the socks for the secret service, and Khloe and Lamar can argue over bagels. Something something Todd Palin on a snowmobile hunting Jews. The details haven’t all been worked out, but that’s what the hired help is for anyways. (Via GotchaMedia.)