FEUD ALERT: Bob Barker Vs. The Price Is Right

Some people. My only wish here is that I could share this news clip about the brewing feud between The Price Is Right and Bob Barker, the heart and SOUL of The Price Is Right, with you, adding only those two words — “some people.” My goodness. What else is there to say? No respect. No respect, some people. From AP:

Bob Barker hosted “The Price Is Right” for 35 years, but he wasn’t invited to participate in the game show’s 40th anniversary special. The 88-year-old TV personality says the show’s producers “chose to ignore me, which is fine.”

The 40th anniversary special episode of TV’s longest-running game show aired Tuesday morning and featured returning contestants from the past four decades. Barker is shown in several clips but was not invited to appear on the program or attend the taping.

“They haven’t even offered me a DVD,” Barker said in an interview Tuesday. Show producers had no comment. …

He insists he’s fine with not being included in the anniversary episode, but said, “When you celebrate a 40th anniversary, you would think you’d have the fellow who did the show for 35 years there.”

NOT EVEN A DVD. (To be fair, if I were a producer of The Price Is Right I would also not offer Bob Barker a DVD of The Price Is Right, only under the assumption that he would never, ever want that in a million years.) (Though you do think that he would just be sent those anyway.) (And every time he got them he’d say, “I don’t know why they keep sending me these.”) In any case, it is clear the producers of The Price Is Right owe Bob Barker an apology and all of the DVDs he could ever want. Clearly it’s fine and he is totally fine with how he was excluded and never given any DVDs in the past and pretty much FORGOTTEN, it’s basically like whatever, but you’d think one would at least offer a fellow an apology about it. (Via Vulture.)