The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

There’s a video going around the ‘net today called “The Origins of Cute,” which aims to explain, scientifically, why humans and animals find baby humans and animals cute. SPOILER ALERT, the answer is because we have to in order for all of our species to survive. OTHER SPOILER ALERT, that is an answer that everyone knows already. I’m not sure why I watched that video when I knew that was the answer, and I’m even more not sure why I expected any other answer. I’m even more more not sure why I chose to bring it up today. I thought it would make sense, since we spend so much time talking about cute things here? I don’t know. I can’t explain everything that I think or why I carry out things that make no sense. That’s just life. You know what else is just life? How we all have to watch ten great animal videos in a row right now. THAT’S JUST LIFE! Get used to it. Let’s go.

10. Sleepy Kitten Trying To Play

9. Dog Sneeze Attack

8. Violin For A Donkey

7. Kangaroo Jumps With Boy

6. Cat With One Shoe On, Zooey Deschanel Background Music

5. Peaceful Video Of Baby Hippo And Mom

4. Ticklish Meerkat

3. Ducks Cross Highway AHHHHH

2. Talking Sea Otter

1. Baby Hedgehogs In A Chocolate Box

BABY HEDGEHOGS IN A CHOCOLATE BOX? Whaaaaaaaaat. WHAAAAAAAAAT! Get out of town with that. Specifically get out of your town and get into my town and then come to my apartment and leave the baby hedgehogs so I can keep them as pets. Talking sea otter is obviously number two because otters are the best and you barely even need to add in some other cute extra, like talking, but if you must then BY ALL MEANS! Ducks crossing the highway is super scary and they are very lucky that nothing bad happened to them and I hope they learned their lesson. Ticklish meerkat, give me a break. Baby hippo and mom, give me a big break. Good jobs, everybody. Congrats to all of us. Love ya. Have a good week. G’bye.