A Morning Of Conflicting Feelings

It’s September now. Summer is coming to a close, but fall and the happy part of winter are right around the corner. We’re back at work from a long holiday weekend, but now there are only four days in our workweek, and if we think if today as Monday it’s almost as if we have Friday off of work? Which will certainly cause problems when we have to “go to work” on “Sunday,” but in the immediate it will feel quite nice. Some of us may even be headed back to school today, saying goodbye to the freedom of working a few days a week at the ice cream shop and being able to buy the kind of clothes we like, or maybe saying goodbye to a summer internship that was soooooo much better than school you have no idea, but also those of you to whom this applies probably got to buy some new school supplies! You love school supplies. And think of the potential friends and more-than-friends you may meet in all your new classes, and also you’ve wanted to take “Memezone: A Study In Laughter” since you heard about it during orientation, so it’s not all Bad. Certainly this morning, of all mornings, is a morning of conflicting feelings. This baby knows what we’re talking about.

Tell us about it, baby. We just don’t know how to feel. (Via HuffingtonPost.)