Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • The Chicago Young Republicans did a cover of “Call Me Maybe” that is Chicago Young Republicans themed, in case you live in Chicago and were wondering why everyone was suddenly a Young Republican. -GotchaMedia
  • Dinosaur Jr. released a video today through Funny or Die for their song “Watch the Corners” and Tim Heidecker is in it! Great. What a treat. I mean I guess Gabe must have been busy, but if we’ll have to settle for Tim Heidecker that is fine and still definitely a treat. -Stereogum
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live is moving to the 11:30 slot on ABC starting in January. Good for Jimmy Kimmel Live! -NYTimes
  • Apparently John Travolta is going to star as the Toxic Avenger in a Toxic Avenger remake. Probably due to all of the money hair and makeup are going to save on hair and makeup hahhahahaha. -FilmDrunk
  • This Avengers gag reel has been going around a lot today and I just want to point out — that have already pointed out on Twitter, but it deserves to be said again — thumbs-up at the camera does NOT count as a gag. MORE FLUBS! LESS THUMBS! -i09
  • Here is a Bill Murray Tribute Remix. I don’t know what all those words mean together, really, and haven’t watched it yet but it sounds enjoyable. -Uproxx
  • There’s some shit going down at American Idol that you better read up about if you plan on going ANYWHERE tonight. -Dlisted
  • And, finally, the TV show Oh Sit! that I legitimately did not even know was on TV yet, which I am a little disappointed about, has put together a compilation of the “Greatest Sits” from its first episode. Yup. 4sure. -AVClub