Not A Bad Public Marriage Proposal, If You Must

In our tireless effort here at Videogum to report on every major public marriage proposal uploaded to the Internet, there is always a possibility that there may be a public proposal, or elements in a public proposal, that we — though we, all of us, remain unanimously against the idea of the public marriage proposal in general — may enjoy. This is because, although it may be covered in showboatyness and Bruno Mars songs and personal matters and emotions being thrown in the faces of everyone at Target that day or whatever, love is always nice to see! Unless it’s two JERKS loving each other, then of course you’re allowed to just be so upset at these two jerks in love. But in most non-jerk cases, it is nice to see someone saying they love someone else and want to spend their life with them and then it’s nice to see the other person cry and then it’s awful to have to see all the strangers at Starbucks clap, but life is all about give and take. I bring this up because today’s public marriage proposal, from New York Times tech writer David Pogue, is kind of nice! I mean, I would hate it, but I am VERY tough. Actually I might like it, but only if instead of a movie trailer about our relationship airing before a movie that our families were gathered together to watch at a resort’s movie area, it was something like the intro to Mad About You or the intro to Friends and somehow my significant other had gotten shots of us doing the things in those intros, and then played that ahead of a rerun of Mad About You or Friends. And then proposed. I mean, to be fair, that’s kind of a different thing entirely. Also there would be paper lanterns, in this fantasy. Anyway, so, what? Oh! Here is his proposal.

I cannot even tell you how, for so much of that trailer, I was upset that the guy had gotten another woman to play his wife and then ALMOST KISSED HER? “HOW DARE YOU!” I was thinking. “YOU HAD ANOTHER WOMAN ACT LIKE SHE WAS FLIRTING WITH YOU BEFORE YOU PROPOSED?!” But then I realized that that wasn’t actually the guy and that they were both actors. Haha! Oops! Sorry, guy! Good job with your thing! Congratulations! (Via Ratsoff.)