Yo, Peace Out

First of all, we have to give it up for Gabe and Kelly for letting me attempt to write a bunch of far more political than I’d originally planned stuff at you guys today!

Give it up for Gabe! Thanks Gabe!

Give it up for Kelly! Thanks Kelly!

And then like seriously, give it up for Kelly for literally fixing every single post I tried to do on this thing today.

Usually, you can find me over at Yo, Is This Racist? and Yo, Should I Dump This Asshole?, where I can impart to you homies these two pieces of rock solid and eternal advice:

1) Yes, it’s probably racist.
2) Yes, you definitely should dump that asshole.

And now, just so you have something to chuckle over as you sashay merrily into the weekend, here’s a classic clip of Pat Robertson not having ever heard of macaroni and cheese before.

How Racist Is This?

  • Gabe: 0%
  • Kelly: 0%
  • Andrew: STILL NOT SURE