Best New Party Game Special Edition: Isn’t It Time For A White President Again?

Hey Gummos! (that’s what you guys call yourselves, right???)

Now that everyone’s main homeboy Mitt Romney has done the right thing and picked Paul Ryan as his running mate, thereby ensuring that America has at least a 50% chance of getting back to a slightly more… traditional government, I thought it would be fun to bring a fun game we were playing over at ‘Yo, Is This Racist?’ onto your shores: let’s come up with a slogan for Romney/Ryan, 2012.

This guy indisputably gets it:

That’s right, it’s a special White On White edition of Best New Party Game, Romney/Ryan 2012 Slogans!

Here’re some of the best ones from all of the Racecars over at YITR.

Can you do better than these? It’s possible! Anything’s possible!