Hey, Everybody! It’s Friday! Isn’t That Great!

One thing that it’s important to remember going into the weekend is that we are all like these more-horrifying-than-you-expected rotting vegetables sitting in a bowl, being photographed every 40 minutes in preparation for a “rotting vegetable” timelapse. Except we are sitting at computers and the photographs are tweets? And the timelapse is I don’t know what. Or maybe the photographs are blog posts? If the photographs are blog posts, then the timelapse is when your blog is gone and someone is like, “Hey, remember that blog?” And then they look it up using the Wayback Machine. In any case (in any of these very clear and smart cases that certainly don’t suggest that maybe no one has had a shower or breakfast or coffee yet), it is important to remember that we are all vegetables that are rotting in a bowl pretty quickly, so let’s GET OUT THERE AND HAVE A GOOD TIME! Swim in a pool if you can! Go to the beach or maybe the woods, if you prefer the woods! Watch out for ticks! Go to your cousin’s wedding, maybe! Make a nice dinner! Read a book! See a movie! “JUST DO IT!” – NIKE! (Via UniqueDaily.)