Somebody Please Tell ‘Em Who The F I Is.

Dave Holmes here. Longtime Videogum fan, first time Guest Editor. If you know me at all, chances are it’s from something moderately embarrassing, so let’s just pretend we’re meeting each other for the first time right now. Hi! Fun party!

May I tell you how excited I am to be here? I am very excited to be here. Videogum has been a part of my daily routine for a long time, and it’s an honor to join the team. I’m a huge fan of Gabe’s sensible yet vicious writing, his shrewd curation skills, and the Semitic Jeremy Bloom thing he’s got going on. I think he has a formidable and hilarious partner in Kelly. But I love that when I scroll down to the comments section, I do not immediately want to throw my dog at my laptop. Y’all are an enthusiastic, intelligent and lively community. A credit to the internet! Am I buttering you up? I might be!

And okay fine, I’m not ashamed of everything I do. I appear in live shows all over the place, primarily here and here. I sometimes get to act, in things like “Reno 911!” and the upcoming movie “Hell Baby.” I recap musical reality shows for the wonderful Vulture. I have a little weekly news recap video series for Logo’s New Now Next. Like 74% of you, I’m writing a book based on a blog project I did recently. My daughters BrisLeigh and M’Lycyn are budding stars on the glitz-pageant circuit. A fun anagram for “David Holmes” is “Dads love him,” which is totally true. I am uncomfortable talking about myself.

This being Videogum, I should probably post a video here. Now, it’s going to be an oldie, but don’t worry about it. Today will not be a dreary field trip to the grim old Viral Video Museum. I just think it’s important to cultivate an appreciation for the classics, and there is nothing that makes me laugh harder than this video. So check it:

That second “he’s gay?” That flailing attempt at a stabilizing step that lands squarely on the same banana peel? You guys, that moment is where I live. Can you handle it?

Let’s have some fun today. We’ve earned it.