Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Here is a video compilation of Chandler Bing dancing on Friends set to the song “Moves Like Jagger.” Obviously it is very good. -Uproxx
  • Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad, no duh, was on Conan last night and spoke about, basically, creating Breaking Bad. Some of us probably know a lot of what he talked about already, but hey why not watch him say it on Conan? -TeamCoco
  • Elizabeth Banks is in a new Barack Obama campaign ad talking about Planned Parenthood. I just thought you should know! -Gotcha
  • In the latest episode of the weekly documentary web series Modern Comedian, Mitch Hedberg’s widow, Lynn Shawcroft, talks about his writing process. It’s nice and you should watch it. – ModernComedian
  • This week we got the DEVASTATING, jk, it’s only a movie, news that the Great Gatsby premiere would be pushed to summer 2013. The Week has gathered up a few theories as to why this decision was made. CAN YOU GUESS THEM ALL RIGHT NOW? -TheWeek
  • Apparently, I mean, this is all a spoiler alert to say in itself so I will try not to say anything but apparently there was a certain part of a certain story left out of the Dark Knight Rises that could possibly not have been left out? Hmm? -SlashFilm
  • Here’s an Ira Glass/Mike Birbiglia short in promotion of their film Sleepwalk With Me. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. -Vulture
  • Ah, so it looks like Jimmy Fallon is NOT hosting the Oscars after all. As they say in Hollywood: Too bad, so sad. -Today
  • ATTN DORKS: The Hobbit is only going to be playing in 48 frames-per-second in certain cities, and not even some of the major ones, if you even wanted to see it at the frame rate at all. END TRANSMISSION -FilmDrunk