BREAKING: Michelle Williams Likes Jason Segel’s Body

Here at Videogum, we are dedicated to bringing you ALL of the important, possibly fake news from inside the private relationship of actor Jason Segel and actress Michelle Williams as told to gossip magazines by sources that may or may not have ever met either one of them in real life, AKA the news you want. And today I think we’ve got our BIGGEST (HAHAHA) STORY YET! From Independent Woman:

Jason had to lose some weight for his recent movie The Five-Year Engagement, but since its release he’s packed it all back on.

“He was asked to lose weight to participate in the film, but now that he’s settling down with Michelle Williams, he has totally let it all go,” an insider said.

“It looks like he gained 20 pounds, but Michelle thinks he looks perfect the way he is. He eats whatever he wants.”

Although his physique is changing, Jason’s ladylove is apparently not concerned in the slightest. In fact, she likes it.

“She likes his body,” the source said. “She thinks he’s cuddly.”

“He eats whatever he wants.” “It doesn’t matter if it’s just a handful of garbage from the side of the road or like bacon lasagna or extra dessert or even maybe a few sheets of felt or even if he accidentally eats a bug — it just doesn’t matter because Michelle Williams loves him the way he is.” ┬áCongratulations to this happy couple and to Jason Segel’s apparent healthy appetite. We should all be so lucky, RIGHT GENTLEMEN? (Via Celebitchy.)