REVEALED: How Colin Farrell Got Into Character For Total Recall!

One thing you may not know about Hollywood is that all the great actors have their own special techniques for getting into character. (Those roles don’t just embody themselves, haha!) For example, Ashton Kutcher sometimes yells at people to go home if they’re just going to sit around in cubicles all day. For another example, I believe once Dustin Hoffman stayed awake for two days and slept in a car? I forget! For a third example, remember when Winona Ryder stole that scarf or whatever? Three good examples of the thing I’m talking about. And it just so happens that Colin Farrell, lead actor in what is currently the #2 grossing film in America Total Recall, had his OWN way of getting into character. “BUT WHAT WAS IT?!” you ask. Well, calm down! I’m about to get to what it was! I can’t believe how impatient you are, when I was clearly just leading in to telling you about Colin Farrell’s acting technique! RELAX! RELAX FOR ONE SECOND OF YOUR LIFE! From The Hollywood Reporter:

The Irish actor tells The Hollywood Reporter he slept in his character’s bed on set one night.

“I just couldn’t find the key for my hotel room,” the charming actor jokes.

But really, Farrell, 36, wanted to get into the mindset of his factory worker/secret agent character by spending a night alone on set. He tells THR he spent the night with just his iPod, some books, candles, incense and a pot of green tea.

“You do anything really, at times — that’s not even doing much,” he says. “But just any little bits and pieces just to create little bubbles of experience.”

He slept in a bed on set all by himself! BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SCARY SET GHOSTS?! Wasn’t Colin Farrell, charming Irish actor, afraid of the scary set ghosts that haunt every major Hollywood movie set and are known to attack any time an actor is alone? Apparently not! As long as he has his iPod nano, multiple books in case he finishes one or two and still hasn’t gotten to sleep, a few candles, some incense, and tea — JUST THOSE THINGS! — he is fine and not too scared and is ok with sleeping on set by himself, because Total Recall. Now you know! Tell your friends! Total Recall in theaters now!