Who Is Your Desert Island Celebrity Dream Date?

From what I can tell from the WAY too many hours of Olympics I’ve watched this past week, interviewing athletes is very difficult. “How do you feel?” “Did you ever think you’d get here, to this moment?” “How is your mom going to feel about this?” “How hard have you worked?” UGH. Useless. It seems Piers Morgan found a way around that, though, when talking to incredible interview subject Ryan Lochte recently on Piers Morgan Tonight:

“If I could take you to a desert island it would be perfect for you, because you could swim all day long,” begins the host. “A desert island and you could choose one famous woman to spend the rest of your life with, who would you take right now?”

Pausing briefly to ponder his options, Lochte eventually commits to a fellow twenty-something heartthrob:

“Right now, Blake Lively,” says the man celebrating his 28th birthday Friday. “Yeah, she is gorgeous.”

Having never met the “Gossip Girl” starlet, Lochte reveals his potential pick-up line: “I would be like, ‘Hi.’ I’d be like, ‘You want to go to an island with me?’”

“If I could blindfold you and take you to a pool somewhere — anywhere, I don’t know, like in a warehouse or a shipping yard or just wherever — and put chains around your wrists just long enough to reach the length of the pool but not long enough to reach any of the exits, that would be perfect for you because you could just swim all day long and I would always know that you were there, in that room, swimming.” Oh, Piers. He does bring up an important question, though: WHO IS YOUR DESERT ISLAND CELEBRITY DREAM DATE?! And then, haha, what would be your pickup line to get them to come to a desert island with you, a stranger? Same as Ryan’s, probably? My dream date would be Aaron Paul and my pickup line would be, “Hi. There is a boat waiting for us and if you don’t come with me something bad is going to happen to someone you love.” (Via Celebitchy.)