NASA Scientists Celebrate The “Curiosity” Mars Rover Landing

Last night, NASA successfully landed their newest rover, “Curiosity,” on the surface of Mars. Yay! This rover, I guess, is their biggest, most sophisticated rover ever, and it’s going to spend two years bopping around some crater, sniffing at the rocks. You go, girl. This was a big deal for NASA, who is trying to prove that it is still relevant and capable of inspiring feats of science. And it was not obvious that it was going to be a success, since they were lowering the rover onto the surface using cables from a hovering rocket (!!!) and the rocket itself was being dragged down by the planet’s gravitational field at 13,000 miles an hour. So, after a quiet moment of tension, when the guy on the loudspeaker announced that it was a success, the entire control room erupted into applause, and the celebration was caught on tape, and it’s a good celebration! You don’t see celebrations like this every day! These guys are really happy and take a lot of pride in their new accomplishment! Awwwww!

Now, let’s pretend that this isn’t a room full of highly capable scientists celebrating human ingenuity last night but rather is a room full of pop culture blog commenters celebrating the great week we are about to have. MONDAY MORNINGS GARFIELD LASAGNA CHEER UP GUYS WE ARE ABOUT TO DO THIS THING! (Via The Washington Post.)