This Week In GIFs!

Oh, what a week! Speaking of these Olympic parents, have you guys been watching the Olympics? I have. I have watched so much Olympics this Olympics, without a doubt more than I have ever watched in my entire life combined, because up until this year I have hated the Olympics so much. And I still pretty much hate it so much, except for the tiny baby girls’ gymnastics because holy moly those girls can fling their tiny baby bodies around! But for some reason, wherever I am, the Olympics are always just on. Like at my friends’ apartments. Or at a bar. Or at an office. Or when someone is at my apartment and then they put on the Olympics. IT’S NUTS! And boring! Except for gymnastics! Which is amazing! Anyway, I haven’t gathered any Olympics GIFs for you to enjoy, so sorry, but please feel free to post your own favorite Olympics GIFs if you’d like. I think we’d all enjoy that, huh! Let’s get to these other GIFs and then do it!


Walt is just getting so much worse on Breaking Bad!

Some Olympic parents got super serious!

There’s going to be a Shining prequel!

I don’t know, is Shrek real?

Oh, the Brady Bunch is getting rebooted!

We gave Lindsay Lohan some sex scene advice!

Emma Watson is not doing 50 Shades of Grey!

A billionaire is finally making Jurassic Park IRL!