Bradley Cooper IS The Elephant Man

Bradley Cooper is currently starring in a stage production of The Elephant Man. Good for him! Boy, acting is a tough profession. You’re always at the whim of the writers and directors and producers. It’s like we think these actors are just robotic monkeys who will just do their robotic monkey dances at our command! The most you can really hope for as a professional actor is to find a role that interests you even just a little bit, something that you can crawl inside of and live in for a little while, a character that you can take a bath with. If their face is all screwed up because they are the Elephant Man, even better, right, actors? Get into it! Explore the space. Make the role your own. Open yourself up to the human bathxperience. Powerful stuff. The A-Team 2: The Elephant Team. (Bradley Cooper reprising his role as FACE.)

There are lots of other great pictures of Bradley Cooper as the Elephant Man. This one’s a fav! Love that one. Inside the actor’s hospital. Such a good acting. Never go full acting. Acting. (Click through to enlarge. Click through! Enlarge enlarge enlarge! Right click save to desktop make wallpaper. Via TheSuperficial.)