The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Something we talk about a lot here (we = I, to myself, in writing, on this website) is how all too often the narrator in an animal video will nearly ruin the whole thing for all of us because of how annoying they are. “Oooh, there he is! Look at him, oh yes, so cute! Oh, he’s so cute! Yes, yes, you can make it down the steps, can’t you! Oh yes, try to walkie! Oh yes, look at the walkie!” That kind of thing. Terrible. Just shut up and LET ME WATCH YOUR DOG TRY TO WALK DOWN THE STEPS. You know? I bring this up because today we actually have a video that is MADE BETTER because of the narration! Can you even believe it? Crazier things haven’t happened, I understand if you are waiting until you see it to believe it. If that’s the case, though, we should probably just get on with it because you need to see this incredible find!

10. Cat VS. Raccoon

9. Dog And Bird Fight Over Pudding

8. Horse Obeying Traffic Laws

7. Dog Getting Ice Cubes When He Should Not Be

6. Baby Hedgehog Napping

5. Elephant Crashes Pool Party

4. Tiny Video Of A Tiny Wombat

3. Sweet Little Baby Elephant

2. Buttermilk The Baby Goat

1. Crow Doesn’t Wanna Leave

DIDN’T THE NARRATION MAKE THAT CROW VIDEO SO MUCH BETTER? It wouldn’t have been anything without it! Good job, narrator. You really broke the mold. After that we have the baby goat video the internet is just BUZZING about, and two sweet elephant videos and a super sweet wombat video — all of which are self-explanatory. And after that, at number six, we have a hedgehog sleeping and I wanted to ask — What do you guys think of the sleeping hedgehog? HOT OR NOT? Cute or gross? I think it’s cute because of how it’s a tiny, sleeping animal, but do you think it’s gross? Very important debate! WEIGH IN BELOW!