Let’s Get Serious, Like This Olympic Gymnast’s Parents

Just because you’re sometimes relegated to watching from the sidelines in life — when someone else at a meeting is talking, or when you’re in line behind someone at a grocery store, or when your daughter is performing at the Olympics, or when two dogs are barking at each other, or when you see a couple fighting on the subway, or when you see someone carrying lots of grocery bags and trying to unlock their front door, or when someone else at the restaurant is ordering their dinner, or when someone else is driving — doesn’t mean you have to act like you’re on the sidelines. Let’s get serious. Let’s take life in our own hands, like the parents of this gymnast, refusing to just sit back while it all goes by in front of us like a couple of chumps. C’mon. You got it. Let’s go. Let’s go now. STICK IT. (Via Gawker.)