EXCLUSIVE: First Look At Step Up Revolution

Historically, Videogum doesn’t actually post “exclusive” content. (Sometimes we say that we have an exclusive first look at, like, a Hungry Hungry Hippos screenplay, but we don’t really, and I apologize for any confusion we may have caused with this joke.) The reason that we have avoided this kind of content in the past is because this kind of content is always garbage. It’s a publicist sending you a NOTHING clip that you have to pretend is SOMETHING in return for free advertising that no one is going to actually pay any attention to. Cool? Cool deal! I’m not sure who created this marketing strategy, but it’s odd. Even 12-year-old girls are not fooled by this strategy, so maybe we should all agree that this is not actually a functional strategy. And let’s also be clear on this: you might be disappointed by the clip posted after the jump. Be an adult about it. Don’t click if you don’t want. Or deal with your disappointment in a mature and reasonable manner if you do click. But when we were offered the chance to share an exclusive clip from the new Step Up movie, Step Up Revolution, in theaters this weekend, we aerial-ed at the chance. (Good one, Gabe.) I’m not joking! We love these movies! The world would be a better place if everything was resolved through AGGRESSIVE DANCE BATTLES. Like I said, maybe you won’t like this clip. That’s fine, I get it. But the robot guy is back. Also that dorky kid who is so good at dancing. And Mr. Cohen from The O.C. So dope.

When did shipyard shipping containers become SUCH a thing?! Think about it:

Batman Begins
The A-Team
The Wire
The Adventures of TinTin

Right? It’s a thing! In any case: Step Up Revolution! Or as Nick Kroll would have it: Occupy Dance Street!